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Nelson Night Paddle

Light up the ocean on our guided SUP tour

Quick Details

Adult - Paddleboard Aged 16+
Child - Paddleboard Ages 12 - 15

Magical Nightime Wonders

Leaving the beach as the sun sets, we will guide you, keep you safe and teach you some paddling skills as we go and check out the marine nightlife around Tahunanui Beach, Magazine Point and Fifeshire Rock (Urenui).

As darkness falls, we light up our boards and observe the moana (ocean) from a perspective very few will ever get the opportunity to do. Plus, it’s awesome seeing the lights glowing throughout the water as we glide past the waterfront of Nelson.

This trip is a must for any keen paddler looking for a new and exciting paddle experience, only minutes from the centre of Nelson.

Suitable for paddlers with a little experience, however, if you are confident first timer, get in touch – where there’s a will there’s a way, ay?

Each trip lasts two hours and is fully guided by our awesome Paddle Nelson crew. Don’t let the winter put you off, this is when our paddling is at our best. Our winters are mild plus paddling jackets and booties are provided to keep you toasty.